Chronicles | Photographs with stories behind the lens
Between 2008 and 2013 the Chronicles Photographs with stories behind the lens have been regularly published in the FotoDigital Magazine (first on paper, then on-line), with my texts and photographs. From 2013, they are published in zOOm Magazine (paper and on-line). Since Oct/2011 these are also published in English, here at ALP:

Always around the issue of Photography, humour, irony, suspense, creativity, transversal liaisons between apparently unrelated things, parallel thinking, account of personal experiences, positive views on life are combined with a particular photograph. These short texts are useful for those that enjoy Photography and all creative processes.

Some past titles, but with up-to-date issues: In search for Nature,... at the airport; From involving to developing, in Photography; The importance of photographing with the heart; The age and the shinning in things, small and great; 24h to São Vicente, with Hitchcock and Michael Jackson; The Buddhism truths and the search for the ultimate photograph; In a whole, organic and unifying; The anchors, in building something better, through Photography.
Alma Lux Photographia
Music by Fabrício Cordeiro, Project Moustache
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